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5 minutes ago, Mercury said:


Consider this a public service announcement. At this time Ripple's servers are under increased load due to increased network activity. Ripple (the company) is looking into the issues and has stated a solution is forthcoming.

GATEHUB uses Ripple servers and is facing not only the network load increase but also an increase on their own infrastructure, also due to higher demand.

At this time there is NO sign of an attack, just our favourite crypto zerping higher than anyone expected in a short time span.

What to expect:

  • delayed network responses
  • log in issues
  • cash in/ out delays. This includes via other cryptos (some users have reported 24-48h delays)
  • slower KYC and wallet funding
  • slower customer support

Please note the following: This forum is NOT the official support page for Ripple and/or Gatehub. Members here can help if they so choose to do so, but besides offering support and perhaps a few pieces of sage advice can't offer more.

Please also note: With delays on the network and increased XRP price, please take extra caution with whom you approach for help and what information you divulge. DO NOT share secret keys, personal information and insure you are going to official support pages/ emails.

@gatehub, @enej, @gregor please inform us if there is something you want to add, make your own statement or have further information.

Thanks for that @Mercury Communication is most important thing!  Other than security, of course.

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I want to apologise for the issues we had yesterday everything caught us by surprise and we had some technical malfunction with our hosting provider. Problems have now been resolved and everything should work as normal. There were delayed transactions but everything was/will be resolved shortly. 

Also note we are deploying more rippled's as we speak so all the lagging on the trading interface will be solved asap.

Thank you for you patience and trust.

Special thanks @Mercury for helping us and the community. :)

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I still have issues continuously. Cannot place orders, cannot cancel orders. Cannot transfer anything. My trustline for BTC was gone.

I don't have the idea Gatehub is a busy platform. How come this is taking so long to fix?

I really liked using Gatehub, but you guys are forcing people to go somewhere else. I hope you increase capacity quickly.


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35 minutes ago, dierstekker said:

Me too

It is hard to keep confident

For my part I'm still confident. Gatehub says to know what the problem is and they come here to tell us how and when they are going to resolve it. And Ripple is also working on it. The best news for me in al this is that Rippled itself stood strong as a rock and that it all was related to resources. So I expect it to come OK. Problems on hardware resources can always be solved.

It is something one can expect in this new technology. Even if we may see them already maturing, there will always come new situations like higher peak loads, attacks, bugs, vulnerabilities etc... We've also seen this on the young internet.... I can still remember like yesterday how we often called it the "World Wide Waiting" instead of Web. Yep, the young web was even way more immature.... and see how it is 25 years later .... 

Another interesting thought on that: when banks do not not know how to deal with cryptocurrencies like XRP.... their was exactly the same hesitation with most companies not knowing how to deal with that young internet. They just did not know how it could help them or even create a business for them... We now know better. I've a feeling that what we see in XRP and banks don't is very much the same as what the internet pioneers saw in www and companies didn't.....

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A little worrying that the currency network can become so unresponsive. If I was trying to pay for dinner/doctor/<insert service here>, we need trust that the payment will be timely and processed without incident. 

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