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Help with Ripex Ripple wallet


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Hi guys,

I'm trying to send some XRP's to someone, but everytime I try to do it I get "Transaction Failed" after "Sending transaction to the Ripple network" message

What can the issue be ?

Best regards.

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11 minutes ago, Roborovskii said:

Try again after logging out and restarting the client. The problem started for many people these 2-3 days. Not sure if it is only just the load, or if there is someone DDOSing the cluster.

My little toe also says me that there's some sort of (hidden) attack going on...

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Just a reminder but you can't send the reserve amount (20 XRP + 5 XRP per trust line) so try a lower amount maybe, otherwise maybe firewall or connection blocking ports?

You can always import your secret key in another wallet if you don't find a solution.

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