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About time to scale RCL

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3 hours ago, pocketdictionary said:

Seriously can someone explain what is happening to the RCL?


It used to be extremely reliable. Now sending orders results in timeouts and all types of errors. What is going on? 


edit: just got this 2 times:

"Your order is now active" followed by " tejattemptsexceeded"

This platform was one of the biggest selling points of Ripple... now it's pretty unreliable without many comments. 

RCL is not the problem. It's the public Rippled servers (to a layman like me, i call them connectors which connect you to RCL) that may be under ddos (just a guess). If you run your own Rippled connector, then there shouldn't be an issue. Alternatively you could connect through Gatehub (i think they have already setup their own Rippled server) and add your currency pair to trade there.

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I have set up a public secure websocket server: rippled.xrp.ninja 7007

It also runs as a validator. It is already domain verified. But still shown as unverified on xrpcharts.

I run it on Google Compute Engine. It costs almost $3 a day. Feel free to send some xrp to the following address to cover some of the cost if you find it useful.


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