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Gatehub Cold Wallet


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My bitcoin transferred from Poloniex to  1L7nDEA85zMHo6HxFsG6GcNVZfBwKEJm7B my address was somehow transferred to 

Bitcoin cold wallet: 1PZ1BcfJoz8HGqzu9fDWPKaevQA8xzvyXd  Gatehub cold wallet.

How can I get it into my wallet so I can exchange it any help would be much appreciated it is the first time I transferred this much BTC.


Thanks in Advance.


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Top Posters In This Topic

Thanks I appreciate it I understand the overload it is like everyone is interested in Crypto now I see the BTC in the cold wallet .

I suppose when things slow a bit the BTC will go in my Wallet ?



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13 hours ago, Ojack36 said:

This has been resolved, and rather quickly for the amount of volume GateHub and some of the other services have been covered with thanks .

Hi @Ojack36 could you alter the threads title to better reflect the question?

This helps future members you may have the same issue

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