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Sent a payment to btc wallet and didnt received yet has gone more than an hour


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23 minutes ago, ricardo32 said:

i mean i thought it would minutes maximum , not hours.

According to their FAQs here it says :



How long do deposits and withdrawals take?

Deposits of ETH, ETC, REP and BTC are usually credited in up to 60 minutes, typically in about 30 minutes. Most withdrawals are processed sent to the native network within a few minutes. Please allow up to 24 hours for larger transactions, due to security reasons.


But my first BTC withdrawal is now 2.5 hours ago and it still hasn't appeared on the Blockchain, however it seems GateHub are having "problems" according to their Twitter account eh?



GateHub‏ @GateHub 1h1 hour ago

Due to heavy traffic we are experiencing connectivity issues. We are working as fast as we can to resolve the issues.



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