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Just joined GateHub! Hoping this is the one


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I've been having lots of trouble trying to invest in XRP, I hope GateHub makes it easy. I am looking to invest USD through bank transfer or credit card the amount is quite large. It's been such a headache trying to find the right place to invest. I am not too knowledgeable about CryptoCurrency however I see great potential in Ripple and their XRP. It's just been so hard to find somewhere I can use a large amount of USD to purchase XRP. My nickname on GateHub is also TJB. Can someone tell me if it is easy to be able to invest an amount of $50k+ USD on GateHub for XRP? 


Thank You


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Just now, panmores said:

You have to set up an account and get it verified with proof or residence.

Once your account is up and running the system is easy to use. You can either send USD or EUR.

Thanks for the reply, are there any limits?

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