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LastLedgerExceeded errors on Gatehub


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RCL allows you to specify what ledger you want the transaction to get into at the latest, if for whatever reason that ledger number is exceeded before the transaction gets through, you will get this error. note that order creation and cancellation are also considered transactions.

Getting these errors all the time on Gatehub too. It's really annoying.

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If you can raise the fee or increase the ledger validity window, that will help avoid these errors. You can also just retry the transaction in a few seconds. If you can force a fee of 5500 drops (about a tenth of a penny) your transaction will almost definitely go through immediately. We've been investigating the issue to make sure that nothing is wrong and some clients might need some configuration changes to deal with the increased load.

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1 minute ago, Maze4000 said:

So this increase setting has to be done by Gatehub not by ourselves? Just wanted to ask where I can find this setting.

I guess @enej should consider a sort of error handling like for instance: when this error shows up, let a user decide temporally for the proposed high(er) fee.

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