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How to withdraw funds from Gatehub


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I have a simple question, I have some Ripple on my Gatehube account.

Now I want to move some to Bitstamp, How do I do that whitout converting the (for a bad price) in to dollar, bitcoin or euro?

Simple to say send out xrp Gathube Ripple--->Bitstamp Ripple address.

The Gatehube platform is so confusing?  Please help!


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I am also having issues withdrawing XRP from GateHub. Spins for about a minute and then throws an error after trying to send

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As explained, on Gatehub go to "Wallet" tab, click on "Send Payment", "Instant" and enter the address of the recipient wallet address (Ripple wallet address start with a r...)

Also, if you experiencing freezes with Gatehub use Chrome (and clear your cache, disable your addons if you still have issues).

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