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Cannot send XRP- Watch Only Wallet


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37 minutes ago, soleri said:



Same problem here. Have been asking on this forum and some very helpful people here, but unfortunately, I'm still unable to move funds, delete / disable a trust etc. Hopefully, someone is going to come to our rescue.


I think if you go into trust lines list, you can see the following chat, it describes disabling. However, I am not sure if it works as I am still tryin to add trust lines. 

do you know how can I add trust lines? I don't know what to put in the ripple address of the trust-  "Enter gateway’s Public Address (Ripple Address) and Select Currency." This bit.


2017-05-08 12_10_57-GateHub connect gateways tutorial - Gateways and Exchanges - Xrp Chat.png

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