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Gatehub/Snapswap- Sell XRP and send USD to US bank account


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Hi All, 

Looking for clarification on the process for selling XRP on Gatehub for USD and sending the proceeds to a US bank account. 

Background: I was an early ripple user based in US that funded a SnapSwap account with USD to buy XRP on ripple trade. I migrated my ripple hosted wallet to Gatehub like many others. 

I now have a ripple wallet on Gatehub and am connected to the Gatehub Gateway (but not SnapSwap)


Main Question: What is the most efficent way for me to sell my XRP in exchange for USD and send the USD proceeds to a US bank account? 

Do I need to move my XRP to a Gatehub hosted wallet (from my ripple wallet) in order to sell my XRP for USD? 

How does Snapswap still play into the equation if at all? 

Does Gatehub hold / secure the USD? Do they broker / act as market makers? 

Are there any limitations on USD payments sent from  Gatehub? 


Has anyone done this seamlessly? 



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Thanks - So is Gatehub also acting as an exchange? If I am selling XRP to buy USD on Gatehub, am I receiving USD from another Gatehub wallet holder or is Gatehub acting as a market maker, taking my order to market to buy the USD, filling it and then fulfilling my order? 

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