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Beware scam email purportedly from Ripple

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I received an email today claiming to be an invite to the Ripple Accelerator Program, or something like that, with $300M to distribute. Amateurs, they didn't even bother to spoof a Ripple-like 'from' address (tip: always inspect the headers of unsolicited finance-related emails).

"So what, that's so routine", you say. But I've no idea how they connected my personal email with my interest in XRP. Maybe a database got hacked?

I know most of you know how to spot this BS, but thought I'd alert any newbies.


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Top Posters In This Topic

I had an email address I used to log on to the early BTC forums.  They got compromised a long time ago and now I regularly get all sorts of phishing attempts in my inbox and spam folders.  Today I got one telling me to KYC my Trust Wallet, which I don't own.


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