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The SBF Trial oh dear


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She is a lovely commentator.  At one point she tells us SAM asked Nishad Singh to sign blank cheques (not in SAM's name) for unknown uses, at that time SAM was spending billions on a company that was giving him introductions to Hillary Clinton and others.  I would like to know if those blank cheques coincide with is meetings with Gary Gensler. 

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Lists of organisations and people SAM gave millions to

He gave 23 million to one org called "protect the Future" - that is more than Hinman asks for!  What did he get in return? Lots of donations for 5 -10 million for vaguely named projects

These are not full lists!  this is a tip of the iceberg and it is looking ugly for the Establishment


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Bribery and corruption, that's what it takes to get a special broker dealer licence and a meeting with Gensler and friends. It's a truly sad indictment of how some of the people at the top of our world work, they literally get away with crimes that the rest of us would never see the light of day again for.

There are security guards on many shops and stores whilst people beg for food outside them, but these people, act like we are the criminals...



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5 hours ago, Julian_Williams said:

I made this image which I plaster around twitter.  If anyone can add more examples of improve the wording

I will eventually be adding an image of a snake with Gensler's head

I got an image for you :)


LOL can't wait for this movie.

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