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John Deaton covers the SBF trial


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It just goes to show that the criminals at the SEC are the worst kinds of people, pretending to be the honest cop on the beat....

This man is criminal in a suit, who lies to protect his friends in high and low places, he's the real huckster / scam artist, in all this.

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It is all gathering in one big scandal - the guys who were behind ETHgate are being implicated in FTXgate were in with the Chinese and SEC, including Gensler are facilitators in the frauds.  Hinman worked closely with the Chinese




FTX TRIAL SHOWS CCP INVOLVED WITH HUOBI & OKC - CONFIRMING WHAT I TOLD YOU IN JULY Back in July, I told you, and showed you the receipts that CCP affiliates, and officers, were behind setting up and funding the HUOBI exchange. I warned that the exchange was being used by the Crypto Cartel, and stolen crypto from Crypto's most Notorious Thefts ever had been flowing through it. This week, Caroline Ellison testified during the #SBFTrial that Sam paid a $150M Bribe to Chinese Government officials. She testified that the $150M was held on Huobi and OKC. The exchanges Huobi and OKC are essentially the same Group on-chain. I talk about the group that setup and originally funded the more than 60 exchange address' often. In particular, I've shared how I've followed many of Crypto's largest thefts back to this group and these exchanges.


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