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Did not receive confirmation link to my email from Gatehub


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Dear friends,

I am facing a big problem with GATEHUB, I just deposited 100,000 XRP few days ago into GateHub. Since yesterday, I have not been able to log in my account due to I have not received the confirmation link from my registered email . I am a new player, I have no experience friends for help. I have sent many emails for support from : suppprt@gatehub.net but no reply.

I introduced many friends but they are fine. Only myself got issue.

I really appreciate or your kindness to help me.

my email: *removed*

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You still have the problem?

I don't understand:

- Is it the activation email you have never received when you created your account?


-Is it the New device confirmation email your are not receiving ? (like the screenshot I posted?)

I don't have an answer to your problem, maybe there is something wrong with your email provider or Gatehub, try another internet connection / pc / browser (Chrome).


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