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The Proper Party


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Seems I was the only one who was disgusted by Brad's speech. 

I thought the party was to celebrate the contribution of the XRP sleuths and lawyers to winning the case, but in Brad's mind it was about parading "the Rock" who had a budget of 100 million plus and even with all that money big Stu did not achieve clarity even for ODL.  Why was Stu not on the stage to personally thank the community, instead of lapping up the adulation for being the hero who won the case?

The big win was through John Deaton's efforts, who Brad tells us was a ray of sunshine and made entertaining videos that they all enjoyed in the dark days.  No mention that Deaton and the 75k supporter and their affidavits and the sleuthing and publicising of the case on the media that contributed to forcing Torres to include a statement in her judgement, directly referencing Deaton's work.  The summary judgement stated that XRP, the token, in and of itself was not a security.  Torres did not have to mention secondary markets, it was outside the jurisdiction of the case, but she did (She is a good human being).  This was the big win.  This was the coach and horses statement that will break Gensler's traction to prosecute exchanges and other tokens.  It was Deaton's intervention that did it, not Stu's overpaid fees and work!  Stu's work failed to get anything other than what Deaton gave him.

It took me a year to forgive Brad for taking 12 million out of immature XRP markets before ODL was launched and shown to be successful.  That speech spoilt everything for me.   Brad is a spoilt brat without gratitude or manners.  I can no longer stand the man (again!).

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