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Mega manipulation by Eth Foundation of Filcoin ICO?

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TruthLabs @BoringSleuth is doing extraordinary research that is exposing suspicious manipulatve activity on a huge scale by the Eth Foundation. 

"Do you want to know which wallets were the only fortunate wallets to not have their transactions fail during the first 80 minutes of the Filecoin ICO, prior to them delaying the ICO for 2 days due to "Insane Demand"?

I will show that in tandem, with the Ethereum Foundation, Wanxiang, Cumberland, and a handful of others manipulated the public token sale of Filcoin. It will prove that predominately ONLY THEIR own 100's of unique wallets were the ones to buy in the first 80 minutes before postponing sale due to demand. The public got Zero in the first 80 minutes of a rising price ICO Sale. I will also outline how then, the ICO team positioned this delay as a crisis due to overwhelming demand, and then broke many of their Public outlined Token Sale guidlines and legal rules. I will show how they changed the rules, and price after the fact to favor Vitalik, the Ethereum Foundation, Wanxiang, Cumberland, and the others and stated it was due to them listening to the community. Plus, of course, I will show far more on-chain evidence."




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Everyone should be helping Truthlabs @BoringSleuth get his research and story of corruption out and taken up and explained more widely by our influencers:

"One Massive Game of Hot Potato thru storytelling. How much corruption exists?

We have the head of the SEC teaching a false history at MIT, ignoring the Chinese's involvement, the same very ones in control over everything within Ether, BNB, and many other blockchains. How much corruption exists? Do the answers start at the Foundation of Ethereum?

Is Ethereum Ground Zero? If I can solve this puzzle, with the help of few, why can't Global governments? Why can't the CFTC, or SEC, or TRMLabs, or any other "protector"?

The biggest most corrupt ponzi in the world."



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If you have a twitter link you should be following Huber who is doing fabulous sleuthing deepening our understanding of ETHgate.  Everyday, since the bursting of a whistleblower (@StevenNerayoff) who worked with the ETH alliance, Huber has been bringing further research to bear down on what really went on between ETH and the SEC.  The nuts and bolts of the scandal are being seen for the first time.


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