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Hi everyone,

I'm writing to ask for help with an issue I'm having with the XRPL KYC process. I've successfully completed KYC on several other projects using Fractal ID, but I'm getting an error message when I try to verify my identity on XRPL.

The error message I'm getting is:

We have encountered some issues with your identification process. Please take a look at what our KYC operators wrote and update the necessary information:

The information you entered (documennt number) does not match the information on the identification document. Please correct the information accordingly.

I've checked and double-checked my information, and I'm confident that it's correct. I've also tried submitting my ID again, but I'm still getting the same error message.

I've reached out to the XRPL support team, but I haven't heard back yet. In the meantime, I'm hoping someone here might be able to help.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? If so, were you able to resolve it?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Ekran görüntüsü 2023-09-27 175452.png

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