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ETH GATE getting real


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Link to John Deaton's live stream.... https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1lDxLPvkRaqxm

To put it bluntly, a lot of criminality by some very powerful people is about to be shone a rather large light on and yes, the PROOF, not just the TRUTH is going to be coming out. WE here in the XRP community have known about a lot of this stuff for a long time, now it's time some of these AHOLES, involved in ETH GATE, started to get a taste of their own medicine.

Taken from JD's X feed...

WHAT IS REGULATORY CAPTURE: regulatory capture, a form of government failure in which a regulatory agency, which is supposed to represent the needs of the greater public, advances the commercial concerns of a special interest group w/in the sector the agency is supposed to be regulating.” Clayton told @a16z to put together a small group and then tell Hinman what they wanted. March 26, 2018, a16z’s lawyer, Lowell Ness, sent Hinman the memo and Safe Harbor. Two days later they met with Hinman. ETH was the only token referenced in the Safe Harbor. Hinman’s law firm was a member of the EEA and Hinman was not retired, but instead, was a profit sharing partner with his law firm, when he declared ETH a non-security 10 weeks later. Clayton’s law firm represented ETH’s co-founder Joseph Lubin & Consensys, the single largest holder and promoter of ETH and Clayton’s firm also brokered the merger between Quorum and Consensys using the JPMCoin, a direct competitor to Ripple and XRP.

Joe Grundfest was part of this working group as you can hear below. Btw, Grundfest had spoken to Steven Nerayoff back in 2014/2015 when Nerayoff was working with Joe Lubin & VitalikButerin (despite what they have said publicly). In sum, Grundfest helped the ETH founders and the small working group. Clayton, despite his law firm representing Consensys and ETH’s co-founder, arguably Ripple’s biggest competitor, voted to bring a lawsuit against Ripple - as he was walking out the of the SEC Gov. He then immediately went to One River which made a $1 Billion bet on Bitcoin & ETH (beneficiaries of the Hinman Speech), 2 Months before the Ripple lawsuit was filed. Yet, the guy that was part of the small group and helped ETH - Joe Grundfest - PLEADED WITH CLAYTON - not to bring the suit. He said XRP should not be treated any differently than ETH. Grundfest pointed out that the mass exodus of Clayton, Hinman, Berger etc was suspicious. He said there was no reason to bring the suit considering XRP had traded publicly for SEVEN YEARS and that innocent people with no connection to Ripple would suffer the most. It all fell on deaf ears.

Hinman retuned to his EEA law firm $15 Million richer after less than 3 years at the SEC and then later BECAME PARTNERS at A16Z WITH THE SAME PEOPLE WHO HELPED PUT THAT TOGETHER ASKING FOR THE SAFE HARBOR FOR ETH. Btw, Hinman was sternly directed - in writing - to STOP meeting his EEA partners at Simpson Thacher because every single time he had contact with them he violated 18 USC 208. His own SEC emails PROVE Hinman IGNORED that instruction and violated 18 USC 208 THREE MORE times by meeting them, including meeting his partner from the Chinese Office regarding the Canaan IPO.

What do they make you ask? BTC & ETH mining equipment!!

Yep, nothing for the IG to investigate here. Oh, to have subpoena power!




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Supposedly only one US banker went to jail for their part in the 2008 GFC and that was a fork-up of global magnitude that effected poor and rich across the board.

So how much justice can we expect for a crypto case that is of little interest to the general public?  A few crypto degens getting screwed over by other crypto degens is probably not high on the list of the average Joe.  Unless the establishment sees it as good fuel for their anti-crypto army I can't see much coming of it.  Still it will be good to get some form of closure and the continuing drama is something to keep us entertained till the bull run.

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I suggest anybody who want's to see justice done and they know anybody in media (social or mainstream) or any kind of  journalist, then they should start putting them on to this story in anyway they can.

Even if you don't have contacts etc, then take to social media X etc and find the accounts of journalists, big media influencers etc and send them a message like this...

Copy and paste this below....

A good reporter / influencer (etc) is always looking for a good story, I know you're probably busy, but you have media & reporter friends, you need to look into something called ETH GATE. Google John Deaton XRP & Steven Nerayoff, ITS A BIG STORY.

Stir the S storm, these very corrupt people, really did try to create a global monopoly for ETH, that THEY all got in on early and all MASSIVELY profited from. Steven Nerayoff has the list of THEY, who tried to create a global pay to play digital economy, whilst creating an unfair regulatory advantage for ETH. THEY then nobbled the competition Ripple and GG is still trying to scare the rest of the industry into complying with his lies and BS.

This has to be challenged, this can not be just swept under the rug, so anybody reading this, just one Tweet (X), to the right person, could help turn the tide, go to it XRP army :)

75,000+ people in a class action lawsuit, videos, testimonials, timelines etc, this should all be great source material for any good journalist, IF, just one honest one finds the guts to run with it.

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