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Stu Alderoty & Brad Garlinghouse take a pic together LOL


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Do they understand that the SEC is reviewing the IPO and that it has to do with the settlement?
Why do they provoke the SEC?

It doesn't look like a picture of clever people.

Why would they tag the SEC?

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If Ripple's programmable sales are deemed illegal, there is indeed a possibility that both primary and secondary sales could face substantial fines, and any profits obtained from past unlawful sales might also need to be returned.

If both primary and secondary sales are deemed unlawful and a settlement cannot be reached, disgorgement of profits from unlawful activities is also a possibility. So, it's not guaranteed that Ripple can continue its operations. The outcome of the SEC lawsuit could have significant implications for Ripple's future.

They also need to consider the risk that what they did as a joke could put them out of business.

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5 hours ago, shery said:

That doesn't mean we need to poke fun at supervisory and regulatory agencies in front of the public.


Yes, it totally does.

Unless you live in a totalitarian state where you have no right to question the powers that be, it is your right and duty as a citizen to question the way your government and its agencies work.  The SEC is the perfect example of a government agency that is not being held accountable for its negligence and dereliction of duty.  They should be openly ridiculed at every opportunity. 



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