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Easiest way, is to import your account into Xumm, and follow the instructions here: https://help.xumm.app/app/getting-started-with-xumm/how-to-disable-the-master-key

Except instead of ticking the "Disable Master Key" box, untick it.

To do this, you need to also import (into Xumm) the account of the "Regular Key" that has been set (you need to know the secret key, or secret phrase, of this Regular Key account). You import it into Xumm as a "Full Access" account.

Usually this question is asked because the wallet has been locked by a scammer/hacker. If someone else has set a Regular Key on your account and disabled your master key, then unfortunately there is no way to undo this. The usual advice in this case is: https://xrplorer.com/forensics/help

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