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Billy Boy Hinman - CROOK- get's promoted :(


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So the lesson boys n girls is, if you want to get somewhere in life, create a speech called the crypto clarity for all speech and help out everyone in the crypto space!

Oh hang on, that never happened, let's call it the ETH speech and give pseudo clarity to the 2 cryptos that benefit me and my mates + Jay Clown Clayton the most.

If you have kids, then hold up these two glowing examples of humanity, when you're teaching them Ethics and how to get ahead in life :(

Look kids, crime does pay and all you have to do is screw over 100's of thousands of people, good actors and companies etc, so why not join the Serious Ethin Criminals today. All you need to do is LIE, INSIDER TRADE, BE A HYPOCRITE, HAVE NO FAITHFUL ALLEGIANCE TO THE LAW AND NO ETHICS.

In the old days the villagers would have got together and kicked these kind of people out of town or jail them, now they get 15 million dollars and a promotion.

The world is run by crooks for crooks, that's my conclusion.

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