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ETH have a solution for paying gas fees with Visa!


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I think all these solutions involving ETH are financially & logically wrong, & have been worked on for years, for the simple reason that It was a foregone conclusion that XRP/Ripple would lose the lawsuit, because of the influences imposed. and now realise they backed the wrong horse, I also think that some have continued to develop their backends on other platforms so as to not get left behind with the technology, or to keep their foot in the door, hedging their bets just in case, but are able to flip the switch to the most suitable efficient system, if given the all clear, and XRP now has to be considered as one of these, But they have to recoup their investment in time & money from these eth projects & the next few months will be the last chance they have to do so, as XRP utilisation infrastructure is in place & is well primed. Oh well whatever happened to cutting out the middleman? But we do need these card operators for convenience for the time being. But, come on,  having to use your credit card to pay your gas fees to make a payment? what are you using an aeroplane & suitcase?

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