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EXC24.com | Crypto Exchange (350+ coins, 24/7)


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Meet the new crypto-exchange: fast and automatic coin exchange around the clock!




Welcome to our thread dedicated to a new crypto-exchange - EXC24. We are a small team (just 3 people) who saw the need to create a convenient and fast cryptocurrency exchange service. After internal tests, we are excited to present our product to you  ::)


We will be very grateful for any feedback and recommendations to improve our service. We are just at the beginning of the journey and are open to any suggestions!




Advantages of our crypto-exchange


1.1 Fast and automatic exchange


We offer automatic exchange of hundreds (over 350) coins in 24/7 mode. This means you have the opportunity to exchange more than 100k pairs of coins. We strive to provide a fast and reliable automatic exchange service, where most transactions are completed in 2 - 20 minutes, depending on the network speed of the selected coins, which means you'll get your desired cryptocurrency quickly.


1.2 Around-the-clock operation

We work around the clock, without breaks or weekends to provide accessibility and convenience to our customers all over the world. Now you can exchange coins at any time convenient for you.


1.3 Live support operator


Our team is always on call, 24/7. We have live support operators ready to help you with any questions or problems you encounter during the exchange process. Our goal is to provide quality service and guaranteed customer satisfaction.


How to Start an Exchange


2.1 Choice of coins for exchange


Choose an exchange option - floating or fixed (Floating - the price will be at the current market, may fluctuate. Fixed - you will receive exactly the amount that you fixed at the time of the exchange).


Choose the coin you want to exchange and the coin you want to receive it for and set the amount. We offer a wide range of cryptocurrency pairs for you to choose from.




2.2 Data entry and verification.


Enter the necessary details for the exchange, such as the wallet address, memo, and networks for the exchange. Verify the entered data before confirming the transaction!




2.3 Make a payment


Transfer the exact amount to the specified wallet




2.4 Wait for withdrawals


Wait for funds to be credited to your wallet


Tips & Tricks


3.1 Checking the status of a transaction


After completing the exchange, you will have the opportunity to check the status of your transaction on our crypto exchange or on the blockchain of the corresponding coin. This will help you keep track of the process and be sure that the operation is safe.




3.2 Minimum exchange amount


We have set minimum amount for each exchange (just 20 usd for many coins). Before starting the transaction, make sure that your amount meets our requirements. This will help avoid errors and delays.




Reviews and ratings


4.1 Feedback from our clients


You can leave your feedback on Trustpilot.


4.2 Rating and awards


Soon we will be in all ratings, but for now this section is empty.




Read the FAQ on our website - link.




Thank you for visiting our thread! If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our live support operator. We hope that our crypto-exchanger will become a reliable and convenient tool for your coin exchange operations. We are always ready to help you achieve your financial goals!

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Make an exchange on our service, leave a comment here with your transaction ID and review on Trustpilot (link), and we will transfer you an additional $5 (equivalent) to your wallet.


The limit of participants is 3 people.

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