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I have a wallet with more than 50,000 xrp in it The problem is I lost a regular key I cannot make any transaction I only own a secretkey


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To remove a regular key, you need the original secret key (master key), and the master key needs to have not been disabled.

It's likely you fell for a scam, unfortunately. Did you enter your secret key/secret words into any online website? Or did anything to "register" for an airdrop or something similar? Usually the scam will set a regular key that they know, and they will disable your master key. If this has happened, there is no way to undo it.

If you enter your r... address into bithomp.com , then look at the panel on the left of the screen. If you see "Master key: disabled", then I'm afraid you have been locked out of your account and there's no way for you to reverse it.

In this case, the best advice can be found here: https://xrplorer.com/forensics/help , but it is very unlikely that your XRP will be recoverable, I'm sorry.


If the master key is not disabled, then you can remove the regular key using, for example, https://xrpl.services/ in combination with the XUMM app. Instructions are here: https://support.xumm.app/hc/en-us/articles/4420255697170-How-to-remove-a-Regular-Key-from-an-XRP-Ledger-account under "How do I remove a Regular Key on a XUMM Tangem Card?" (even though it's not a card, the instructions will still work).

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