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How to install Ripple on windows?

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Hey community members! 

I hope everyone is doing great. Varun this side. I'm new to the XRPL platform and learning XRPL fundamentals from XRPL official platform. 

Recently, I was reading a tutorial namely "Install rippled", and in there I found that Ripple can be installed on Windows as well. I'm attaching the snap for your reference.


But, I didn't get any link or reference from where I could download the "ripple software".  So could someone provide me the exact link or reference from where I could download the "Ripple Software" for the Windows operating system?

Thanks in advance!

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It doesn't look like there's a precompiled rippled for Windows, it's really intended to run on Linux.

Maybe you can compile it from source code on Windows, the source code is here: https://github.com/XRPLF/rippled


Just to make sure you're clear on it, rippled is the "server" software for running a node on the XRPL network, it's not needed if you're just looking for wallet software.

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