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The SEC Asked Coinbase to Halt Trading of All Cryptos, except Bitcoin.


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The SEC Asked Coinbase to Halt Trading of All Cryptos, Except Bitcoin. The request would have meant ‘the end of the crypto industry in the US’, according to Brian Armstrong.




The SEC alleged XRP was a security and Coinbase delisted it, so always keep in mind, allegations by the SEC are not law and as the judge in the case said, the SEC have not shown a faithful allegiance to the law. This has been a power grab by a rogue agency of the US government, right from the start, using bully boy tactics, lies and a leadership that is as corrupt as they come. Bill Hinman pumped ETH to the stars, hey FT and other mainstream news, where the hell is that story?

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The overwhelmingly common ideology of those in the press demands nanny-state centralization at any cost. No surprise that they tacitly agree with utilizing almost any tactics to achieve that end.

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