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I was on Twitter early this morning and to my surprise I saw postings and information on a XRP airdrop of coins from the ceo of xrp.  I can't believe I fell for it but I said what the heck. See what happens. I sent 2,000 xrp coins to the link and address and I was supose to get xrp sent back  to my wallet and it never happened.   I'm trying to find out how I can secure my lost xrp coins or press charges ect.  I'm new to this but I'm learning fast. I've got images of the transaction with all the data.  What can I do? Please someone help me if possible 

Screenshot_20230730_102305_Ledger Live.jpg

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click on 'view in explorer' button, you will see the address of wallet that took your amount (destination). Click on that wallet address, and look at 'Account Information' column. There you will see 'Actions: comment, report' option. Click on report and just report the incidence. This will not revert the transaction but will flag the fraudulent wallet address and will be monitored for further transactions. I am one of the victims, and I've already reported rQDQxL8B71WvX9N9i4JBfq7GfUZMmnoDZ2 for taking my 1200 XRP. This wallet has stolen 18857 XRP within one week.

If you want to get in touch, my email address is kuber.bhatta@gmail.com. I think all the victims should act collectively to have a slim chance of getting our XRP back.

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