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The other piece the BCB posted (yesterday?) on the TA of BTC/XRP and predictive review, was quite interesting.

He makes a pretty strong case for a high probability if current trend-up of XRP continues, that we will get a spiking up condition later into the month.

From another perspective, take a look at these five tokens' trading prices over last seven days...
Note how XRP (and to a lesser extent its bastard stepchild XLM) shows an accumulating trend - this is a very clear indicator of determined programmatically driven position building.


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25 minutes ago, woodman_73 said:

me personally, Hbar seems to be riding a similar trend. It is my second holding 

I've snagged a small bag myself, and just recently took the (very little) effort to setup Hashpack and gain some staking bonus rewards.

Cheers m8

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Mr Huber posted his thoughts on the months ahead…


Retail is nothing. The scant 80% we have already seen is pure retail - private investors, everyday people who have always been positive about XRP and Ripple, but have been unsettled by the SEC charges. 

My best guess for what now will happen:
1-6 weeks: private investors who have basically always believed in XRPL notice and analyze the decision.
1-6 months: Institutional investors who are forced to buy XRP due to the top 10 position.
6-12 months: New institutional investors for whom XRP now comes into question in the first place. 
6-X months: Existing or new users of RippleNET who want to "Flip the Switch" and settle their debit credit bookings via the XRPL.
12-X month: Bitcoinmaxis



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