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This is the Tweet you're looking for (Fed Now!)


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Let's talk XRP!

A few of you have asked about price prediction, time frames, etc. While no one can predict price, I will say (and I think we all know this) the price of XRP cannot be cheap. What's more, Retail will be priced out of XRP at some point. I see a lot of non-sense online regarding "the price is going to jump and then crash because everyone is going to sell". While that may be your theory...here's mine. Retail only makes up about 1% of the XRP space. By the time the Fed, banks, businesses, etc. start putting their money into it, that 1% of retail is going to look like a minnow in an ocean!

That 1% will not fluctuate the price at all. A large quantity of XRP facilitates a large quantity of banks whilst high price allows for higher transaction with less XRP. There's only so much XRP. That is my opinion. Times frames. Again, something that cannot be predicted however, with Fednow going live July 20th, I would assume that they cannot be the only one going live. Whatever the Fed does, banks must follow because that is how they communicate back and forth. Whatever banks choose to do, their business customers must follow because that is how they communicate with the banks.

This is what I deal with in Treasury Management. "Money movement" and the connections to that money movement. Allow me to explain further on that. I previously worked for Wachovia in the cash vault. (If you're really behind the times, Wachovia was bought out by Wells Fargo I believe in 2009). In the cash vault they use a system called Glory! I eventually left several years later and then worked at Loomis as the Balance & Auditor in Cash Operations. They also used Glory. Fast forward 15 years later I went back to the initial cash vault to find that they were STILL using the same Glory system. This system was also how Fed shipments of currency could be placed.

What I'm getting at is, I would be very surprised if the Federal Reserve were the only ones going live this Thursday. Throughout my banking career I have noticed that whatever the Fed does, the banks will follow. That's basically the reason why banks close on Holiday's...because the Fed is closed. Banks are for profit, why would any company stop operations because of a holiday if they are for profit? Think about it. Now, could I be totally wrong on this? Possibly and that's going to suck if I am however, I have seen a lot throughout my 15+ year career in banking and we are finally entering a new era.

Not saying I agree, but,  you never know, see you in 24 hours :)


I'm pretty sure after spending many decades here posting news, that FED NOW, uses the ILP...


And that the use of XRP for cross border settlements via FED NOW would be easy, a little like having the same gauge railway, it could easily connect to the rest of what Ripple has built out.

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Interesting essay, thanks for sharing it Hal-san

Left unaddressed, is the 50b zerps in escrow, which imho will be impactful in some ways on the trade price.

IIRC there is a contractual clause attached to this hoard, in that its use must be supportive of the XRPL ecosystem.

So in the near term, much of the price's volatility will still be driven by the fluctuations of market sentiment and speculation.

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