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Whatever happened to Flare?

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Flare was touted as the second coming of christ. It had a lot of hype in the XRP community.

I see they have rebranded, but also I never hear anything about them.

As they are today, can they be trusted with my XRP? I want to lend out my XRP for some APY, but I do not trust centralised finance institutions, and never have, so Nexo, Binance etc. is not an option for me.

I used to use WanLend, but the APY of late has been so low that I do not bother. And development/popularity in general seems to have waned off, so no I just keep them in a regular wallet.

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Multiple factors involved. They repeatedly over-promised and under-delivered for more than two years after the airdrop snapshot date. They changed the requirements of eligibility for the ongoing drops. Binance US reneged on their airdrop participation. Coinbase was very slow to complete theirs. And since Coinbase listed FLR, it's been a low-volume asset with a steadily decreasing price. 

They will either begin to accomplish what they claimed they would/could do, or they'll wallow in irrelevance. I'm expecting the latter of the two.

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