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John Deaton interview


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Man, you could argue deaton already has done the most important work with interacting in this case, bringing xrp holders to the judges attention and likely influenced her decision -- but, clarifying the ruling to the public is probably the next important positive impact he has on this case.

Very well explained, john!

You can clearly see that all the people who are now "concerned" because torres ruled some txns were investment contracts and say this ruling is going to be overturned, did not follow this case properly the last 2,5 years. They probably did not even read the SEC's allegations in the first place.

Its crazy people try to come up and say "according to torres, XRP is now both, a security and non-security" while she clearly applied howey only on the transactions the SEC was claiming were investment contracts - not the token. She clearly says XRP itself can not be a security (which is appeal-proof IMO - she backed that up with other cases citing the asset itself is not a security), but how it was packaged and sold could be. Yet people, mostly intentionally, ignore that part completely and keep on sayin "XRP is both"... lol

Anyway, the ruling was that optimistic for XRP holders - I believe not many would have imagined before SJ. Thats why we didnt really dare to think at the "best case scenario" - which would greenlight XRP per se and the purchasing/selling on exchanges - and of course it would stress many, many people who thought and hoped XRP would be deemed illegal in the US - Those people are now telling you that this ruling is going to get reversed easily etc

So, keep in mind - an appeal from the SEC was always expected if they lose. But for that being an option we needed a positive ruling on SJ first - and we got that. Imagine torres ruled in favor of the SEC and we'd have to pray for ripple to appeal while her ruling was law in the years to come!


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