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"You have to be online to see this screen"


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Sadly not IT expert but know how to run wallets and keep them secure as I have done pretty much since the off but stuck with this one.

Haven't accessed my Ripple wallet for about 8 months (no pint given its value) but now I am getting this message - "You have to be online to see this screen" but I am online, I am on the same computer as always, and my account details and password are spot on. Previously I have gone for much longer periods where I didn't access the wallet but no issues at all. 

Can anyone advise please?



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Apologies for my tardiness responding, work unexpectantly took me away from home until this morning.

I am using Ripples own wallet albeit somewhat annoying to subsequently discover you have to keep 20 coins as a minimum balance in their wallet however, I had purchased and moved in more than 2000 xrp some years ago. My only other account is with another major wallet but sadly they still do not list XRP hence keeping them where they are for now.

Zero virus on my laptop and mostly only used to access my banking and wallets. I also have a Stellar wallet and no issues with that despite not accessing it for the same period. As per my previous post this was never an issue until trying to gain access last week. 

Finally yes my accounts look normal but for the purposes of safety how do I access the XRP scan via my wallet?

Many thxs


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You are using 'Ripple Desktop Wallet' I assume. In that case you will get that message if you are not properly connected to an XRPL node.

When you start up your wallet, do you see on the right a tab 'Server Settings'? Select that one, it should bring you directly to 'Network settings'. In there you can add or edit the servers you want to use for access. I am using

  • s-west.ripple.com / 443 (secure checked)
  • s-east.ripple.com / 443 (secure checked)
  • xrplcluster.com / 443 (secure checked)

That works for me. If I make changes to the server names such they are non-existent, I get the same error as you..

XRP scan: https://xrpscan.com/

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