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Acceptcoin.io – a universal solution for accepting crypto payments

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What can cryptocurrency do for your company? Why do businesses choose cryptocurrency?

1.     Expand your business audience. Not so long ago a study was conducted that showed that up to 40% of new clients of leading companies who had previously implemented crypto on the site for payment use it. Also, what is worth paying attention to in this study is that the average check of such clients has increased by 2 or more times.

2.           Increasing the internal awareness of the company about cryptocurrencies. This parameter indicates the positioning of the company in the near future, when cryptocurrencies can completely replace conventional money.

3.           Capital increase. Virtual money can not only expand the audience of your business, but also attract new customers who are more plausible.

4.           Fiat alternative. Due to inflation, traditional fiat money can become very devalued, so cryptocurrencies can come to replace it.

5.           Reducing the risk of payment cancellation. Cryptocurrency payments cannot be withdrawn or canceled at merchants, unlike card payments. And since there is no third party involved, crypto transactions are final and protect the business.

These, of course, are not all the benefits of implementing cryptocurrency payments for businesses.

Acceptcoin.io — is an advanced service for accepting payments in cryptocurrency, enabling the seller of goods or services on the Internet to receive BTC, USDT, XRP, DASH, DOGE, ETH and other crypto coins as payment.

We offer useful plugins for accepting cryptocurrency payments in online e-commerce stores such as:

- Magento2,
- OpenCart,
- WooCommerce,
- Shopify and others.
With our simple plugin, you can easily add the ability to pay with cryptocurrency for checkout in your online store.

Integrate using the API
You can use our API in order to integrate Acceptcoin to your website and start accepting payments in cryptocurrency using our payment gateway. Thanks to Acceptcoin, you will be able to receive more than 60 of the most popular cryptocurrencies as payment in your online store.

Join the future of finance with cryptocurrency payments!

Low transaction fees — from 0%
Pay less — our commissions are the lowest on the market for the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies.

Integration with various CMS
Install the Acceptcoin plugin on your e-commerce site to accept cryptos.

Convert crypto to the StableCoins or FIAT
Get paid in the crypto and convert to the desired cryptocurrency or fiat.

Round-the-clock technical support
Instant technical support for solving issues related to payments in cryptocurrency.

Payment API
A convenient API that allows you to make mass payments in just a few clicks.

Instant calculation
Get paid in cryptocurrency for your product/service without any delay.

Expand the capabilities and boundaries of your business with Acceptcoin.io cryptocurrency payments!

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