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please help

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please help i have been searching for my transaction on xrp scan from coinbase that a sent to  uphold on feb 23 

i have confirmation that the transaction was completed through coinbase but never got them on uphold is there any thing that i can do to  retrieve my lost xrp  

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So when you click the "Sent XRP" transaction in Coinbase, it should have a "View on block explorer" link that shows you the transaction on XRP Scan, is that there?

If the transaction is visible on XRP Scan, then Coinbase have sent it successfully. The "Destination" address on XRP Scan should match the address that Uphold told you to use for the deposit (or, XRP Scan may just show the name "Uphold" instead of the address, and if you click on "Uphold" you will be able to see the actual address that was used).

In your transaction on XRP Scan, next to the destination address should be a small box that says "DT: ", followed by a number. This is the Destination Tag that you need to specify so that uphold links the deposit to your personal account. If this is not here, then Uphold will have received the XRP, but they don't know who owns it. In that case, you would need to contact Uphold and give them details about what happened, and they will probably have a process for you to recover the XRP.

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