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Fraud and what to do

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I recently purchased a new computer from a reputable store pre owned . I wanted to link my ledger to ledger live in my new computer and why I did I have no clue but, I put my keys in online but I checked the website looked legit I know better than what I did but someone wiped just my XRP about 7763 and about 12000 stellar lumens roughly 4800 I know that's not alot to some people but all I had rn. I don't have a clue what to do and been sick if someone can help me I would be forever grateful! I do have to address and transaction # of the wallet im just lost please help.

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I'm afraid that the chance of you getting anything back is very small. There are some things you can try, but you should plan as if you will not get this back. I know this is not the news you want to hear, I'm sorry.

First, read https://xrplorer.com/forensics/help and submit a report to them.

Then look at where the transactions were sent. If they were sent to an exchange or something similar, then immediately contact the exchange to tell them what happened. Tell them all transaction details. There is a small chance they may freeze the funds, however they are unlikely to do much for you unless you get law enforcement involved.

If you want, file a police report and if they're willing, perhaps they will work with the exchange.

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