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Why is the SEC lawsuit taking so long?

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The host of a recent episode of Digital Outlook with David talked about the nagging issue of why the Ripple v. SEC case is taking so long to be resolved. He outlined many causes for the case's delay and provided reasonable justifications. 

Lengthy Legal Proceedings: 

He claimed that numerous applications and counter-applications were submitted over the course of the previous two and a half years, creating a complicated legal process.  Lawsuits involve various factors, such as dispositions, applications, subpoenas, and responses, which can significantly extend the timeline.

Magnitude and impact of the case: 

The Ripple v. SEC lawsuit is crucial for the world of digital assets. Judge Analisa Torres is conscious of the significance of her choice. To give decision on XRP is or not a security, Judges take their time to review precedents, write explanations, and aim for strong justifications that can hold up against appeals.

Additional cases on the judge's docket: 

It's crucial to remember that Judge Torres is presided over many cases in addition to the Ripple case. Additionally, she deals with criminal cases, which are given priority over civil proceedings. The time it takes to render a judgement is subsequently increased by this.

XRPchat community - What are your prediction about date for final decision in the Ripple vs. SEC case?

Youtuve Video - 


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