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Former SEC Director Exposes Impact of Hinman Emails on Regulatory Landscape

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In a recent episode of the Crypto Law Twitter talk show, Deaton initiated the discussion by probing Fagel about the consequences of making the Hinman emails public. Responding to Deaton’s query, SEC regional director Marc Fagel aligned his views with Hogan, who had previously offered insights into the ethical implications of the email disclosures.

Marc Fagel Comment on Hinman Emails

Fagel concurred that making the emails public hurts William Hinman's reputation even though it doesn't materially change the course of the main legal dispute.

Fagel expressed reservations about the optics of the situation, deeming it unusual. He suggested that such developments were likely to cause discomfort among SEC staff.


The release of the Hinman documents has generated a multitude of perplexing questions and revealed inconsistencies in the SEC’s approach to cryptocurrency regulations.

Do you agree with the SEC statement behind all these events that it is "protecting American investors". Shoot your Comments down.

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