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Prometheum & The SEC - WTF


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DAI said they couldn't use FTX anymore, so this is THEIR new boy so to speak!!

Isn't it funny how FTX got a broker dealer license and SBF was THEIR best friend, now these guys get the same type of treatment. WTF is going on at the SEC and with the powers that be?

Keep things like this in mind...

FTX U.S. Seeking Derivatives Brokerage License in Goldman Sachs Tie-up

Cryptocurrency platform FTX expands into US equities market

Group led by Sam Bankman-Fried discloses ambition to become the ‘everything exchange’


Prometheum Ember Capital is the first SEC registered broker-dealer and FINRA member firm approved to operate as a Special Purpose Broker-Dealer (SPBD) for digital asset securities.


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I get the feeling the SEC and top US leadership is owned by the CCP!

America and Americans had better wake up, before the SEC and "friends", pull off this BS stunt. The rest of the world is getting it right with digital assets, but GG and "friends" are trying to redesign how this space is meant to work, by placing themselves in the middle of all of it, by hook or by crook!

Simply put GG will say look, Prometheum registered with us (even if no cryptos actually trade on their platform, except maybe THEIR own token), so EVERYONE else is just whining about nothing. These cretins at the SEC and their "friends" are trying to pull a fast one. Don't let THEM do this... DEFI is THEIR demise, Automated Market Makers are THEIR demise, that's why THEY are trying so desperately to insert themselves into an industry that ultimately doesn't need THEM.

Program code can and eventually will, mean the blockchain space will be able to regulate itself and weed out bad actors and scams etc. GG and the SEC's days are numbered and THEY know it. If this cop on the beat, was an honest one, then nobody would care, but THEY reek of corruption and this latest amateurish attempt, with Prometheum shows it, all so clearly.

They're all securities except BTC say's Gensler, but saying that, does not make it so in law, but if he and his agency + friends get THEIR way, then GG takes the crypto throne, one agency to rule them all :(

Oranges are not securities and neither are digital assets themselves.

Ultimately the market should pick winners and losers, not a corrupt bunch at the SEC and THEIR "friends".

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This is really weird. Does seem like this company was whipped up solely so the SEC could point to it as a counter to the claim that there is no path to come in and register. If that is not the case, then it begs the question, what is this company actually supposed to be selling?

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