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The Rippex Wallet


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Hello to all,

I am using the rippex wallet, and although I don't yet understand some features, everything seems to be fine with it. My question is in regards to the address it generated? Is that the only address this wallet will issue? For example my Litecoin and Bitcoin wallets generated 20 addresses automatically. 


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2 hours ago, tev said:

There's a discussion on that very subject elsewhere on XRPchat. Here's a link:—

Thank-You very much for your reply. Now is there a tutorial for the rippex wallet? I did not see any help files with it, however, I did see a support link on the rippex.net page, is that all that is available?


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Afaik, there is no tutorial but the Ripple desktop client is really easy to use once you've figured out how it works, try with small amounts first to familiarise yourself with the different steps.

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