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Moving XRP to new wallet

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Hey Guys,

Just signed up and hoping for some guidance. I had my XRP in coinbase wallet from the jump and need to get it moved into a wallet that supports it. I have a bitrue wallet and just opened Trust but cant seem to locate how to scan a QR code or enter in my recovery phrase to move it over. Please advise if you can and explain it like I'm 3. In crayon if you have to. :-) Thank you ! 

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This video seems to give instructions for Trust wallet (starting at 33 seconds):



To export recovery phrase from Coinbase Wallet:

  1. Export the recovery phrase from Coinbase Wallet (the phone app)
  2. Open Coinbase Wallet app
  3. Tap "Settings" icon (bottom-right of screen for me)
  4. Touch "Show recovery phrase"
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