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The crypto industry should adopt a new strategy and sue Gensler personally.


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GG is on video many times saying the exact opposite of his current stance as SEC chair, he has many dodgy ties to people like SBF and has many conflicts of interest.

Maybe all these hot shot lawyers and pissed off people in the industry and pissed off people in congress and pissed off crypto users GLOBALY, should unite in some kind of massive class action lawsuit to take down the weasel personally, just a thought. 76000+ XRP holders, is nothing compared to the entire crypto space this guy has pissed off, imagine a class action lawsuit against him, in the 100's of thousands or millions!

He and his agency have hurt so many people, maybe he should feel some of that pain to...

then go after joker in the same manner.

He has declared WAR on ALL of US, maybe it's about time everyone united and declared war on him personally, in a legal sense!

This guy has a ton of dirt under his fingernails and I bet a lot of enemies will talk and spill the beans on him, if given the proper opportunity.

Or at least sign the petition to fire him...


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These are the type of AHOLES at the SEC WE are ALL having to deal with...

Adriaen Morse, a partner at SECIL Law PLLC in Washington, DC, “notes that while Coinbase has tried to comply with the law, the SEC has made it very difficult. ‘They’ve progressed from going after clear frauds in the 2017 to 2018 timeframe, and they’ve built up this body of settled cases and criminal actions against true frauds …. now they’re going after legitimate businesses that are trying to comply with the law by pretending that the underlying asset is a security.’”


The SEC has been weaponised by a particular criminal clique at the top of the US establishment, with GG as paid off puppet, WE need to start targeting THEIR puppets.

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