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GG and Binance


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GG always say's just come in and talk to us, this is exactly what the head of Coinbase tried 30 times to do, they met silence, this is GG's SEC...

GG does not care about the law, he cares about his own power and his legacy banking buddies...

I’ve watched and fought bullies my entire life. Gensler is the quintessential bully. He’s the boy who didn’t get picked to play the first full court basketball game so he took his and left. I’ve talked to people who’ve been in the room with him and he insists on showing everyone he’s the smartest guy in the room - the same child prodigy that became the youngest partner in Goldman Sachs’ history. He’s disliked by everyone. He was cutting a deal with the biggest fraudster in Crypto SBF_FTX and ready to give a regulatory advantage to FTX_Official an offshore exchange - while screwing Coinbase an American exchange. Gary Gensler is a bad man. Full Stop.


GG burn in hell, with your corrupt friends, Bill Hinman, Jay Clayton, Jamie Dimon, Joseph Lubin and the rest, you bunch of lying deceitful B's.

What GG wants is him and his agency in the middle of the global crypto business and even if 2 end users send even 1 XRP between one another, then you can only do that, if you are securities registered or a 3rd party that is regulated by THEM, is in the middle of that transaction, holding your crypto for you. This applies to ALL cryptos, if GG and his corrupt friends get THEIR way, It's unworkable and kills crypto in the USA in many ways.

STOP THE SEC - SCUMBAG ETHIN CRIMINALS ALL OF THEM, this is not a power THEY should have, this is about ALL of US vs THEM.

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