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Trying to recover XRP

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Hi, I am completely new here and a total noob. In 2017 I bought some XRP and then forgot about it (including all the knowledge I acquired about wallets etc). My other half did reset his PC a couple of times. And I believe I did not use Gatehub at the time (although I set up an account and it's empty). 

I found my WLT on a USB stick where he kindly backed up my files. But after some research I believe I might have used a Desktop Wallet via minimalist client. Went to Github and I have now idea where to start. Have I lost everything because the hard drive was reset? Or will I be able to recover my XRP by using my access codes?

I seriously can't even remember how I bought the XRP or what format they came in. Shoot me! Where do I start?


P.S.: I should say I do have a zip file of the client saved on that USB stick:

2 HTML files to the offline client (but it's not connecting, not getting any errors either)

1 LICENSE file


1 JavaScript File which I can't open


My Wallet does indeed confirm that I have a secret passcode and I can use it to display my correct identity but then nothing happens when I click on Connect to Ripple - any idea? I also still have my encryption password but I've not been asked for it


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It looks like you're using this wallet: https://jatchili.github.io/minimalist-ripple-client/ ?

The wallet is using an outdated name for the default rippled servers that it's trying to connect to.

Open the index.html file in a text editor, search for the text "s-west.ripple.com"

Replace the following:

servers: [


servers: [

Save the file, open index.html again in your web browser and try to connect again.

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On 6/5/2023 at 8:16 AM, moodybeau said:

after some research I believe I might have used a Desktop Wallet via minimalist client.

The excellent help above should get you going.  

Another option is to install an app wallet on your phone.  Then import your account.  It’s pretty straightforward if you have the secret key for your XRPL account.  
(starts with a ‘s’ and is a long string of characters)

Everyone here can confirm that XUMM is a secure and trustworthy wallet created by a long-standing member of the XRP community and the growing team he has assembled.

If you go that way then just install XUMM,  tell it that you are IMPORTING a wallet and enter your secret key (called Family Seed in XUMM)


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