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I need assistance. It happened to me twice where my XRP just disappeared out of my wallet. I didn't authorize sending anything and also did not get a notification. How do I recover my xrp

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It's not clear which of the transactions you're referring to,


The address beginning with rDNv... seems to be for the site bc.game , and the destination tag used for each of those transfers was 565017.

The address beginning with rNxp... seems to belong to Binance, and the transfer used destination tag 80169272.

If either of those were the unknown transactions you're talking about, then you could contact those companies and let them know of the unauthorised activity and they may be able to freeze the account owner of those destination tags, and they may be able to help you recover the XRP.


On the other hand, if the transfer you're talking about was the one to address rKkg..., then there's nothing really you can do, there's no identifying information that I can see that would help you track them down.


Of course, you should stop using this XRP account as it seems like it's been compromised. If two different XRP accounts have been compromised for you, then perhaps one of your devices is compromised, or perhaps you're not being careful enough with keeping your secret key or recovery phrase protected.

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