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Can not sending XRP from trust wallet


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Can not sending XRP from trust wallet

Transations almost FAILED ( also I did reinstall app and reimport wallet and change node 1,2,3)

Error : Ledfe sequence too high (-178) Error 200


Please help me 

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This is probably happening because there is too much time passing between creating the transaction and submitting it to the network.

If there's any way for you to be faster at completing the steps required to send, that may help. It may also be worth checking that the clock on your device is set to the correct time, and make sure that your internet connection is good.

Or, it may be that the nodes that Trust Wallet uses are busy or have problems, so it may fix itself over time if you try again later.

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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, kennykenny said:

Same happening to me!! And its not the time issue. I enter the address in seconds and press send and this what comes up

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-04 at 12.27.02.jpg

Is there any way for you to see the entire error message?

There's not much that can be seen from that portion of the error, but it looks like it's a response from a rippled server (XRP Node). The bit that says "published_ledger":"none" is a bit of a hint to what's going on, given that @Sato reported getting the "Ledger sequence too high" error.

When creating a transaction, it's best practice to set a "LastLedgerSequence" value, that tells the XRP servers not to validate the transaction if the current Ledger Number (i.e. block height) is greater than this value. It means that the transaction will expire if it's not validated within a certain amount of time.

Trust wallet needs to identify the most recent Ledger Number so that it can set LastLedgerSequence to a sensible value. One way (documented here: https://xrpl.org/reliable-transaction-submission.html#determine-the-last-validated-ledger) to get the current Ledger Number is by making a request to a running rippled server (Node) and looking at the "published_ledger" value in the response, which would be the current Ledger Number.

The server response in this error message returns "published_ledger":"none", so it does not provide that information. It's doing that because of the type of Node that it is, it's not incorrect to do so. But perhaps the Trust Wallet isn't handling that response correctly, it should then be making the same request of another server, or else maybe using the "validated_ledgers_range" further down the message would make sense to get the Ledger Number.

So without knowing the most recent Ledger Number, either Trust Wallet is failing to construct the transaction, or else maybe setting a default value for LastLedgerSequence, which may cause the "Ledger sequence too high" error if it's too low.

Anyway, I reckon it's a Trust Wallet bug. But there's a lot of guesswork on my part, working with very little information!

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