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Why is Gatehub not listed at cryptowatch.ch?


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Hello folks, 

I found https://cryptowat.ch/ which seems to be quite nice with all the indicators. Gatehub is missing certain features in the trade view so I was looking for services that provide them. Bitstamp is listed at cryptowatch but Gatehub not. Does somebody know why that is? Do the Gatehub folks have maybe more information about future plans on their trade view? I am not a pro trader and do not know all the quirks but some trend line features would be cool to have. 

Cheers, Tim. 

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:new_russian: your welcome @xh3b4sd

Ripple gateway, this means that when you trade on their platform you are seeing bids & asks from the Ripple network itself.  As such, it is possible to trade any asset on the Ripple network using the Gatehub interface.  It is built on, and has the same principles as the original Ripple Trade wallet/account, but with more features.

This is a quote from here:



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11 minutes ago, xh3b4sd said:

So gateways are connected to the RCL directly, good. How are exchanges connected? What is the difference in terms of transferring values? Is this done using the concept of IOUs? 

Most exchanges only supports XRP and not IOU's. For them XRP it's another deposit/withdrawal method like BTC.

Some exchanges are also gateways. For example Bitstamp is both an exchange AND a gateway on RCL. This means that they actually have 2 order books for XRP/USD. One on Bitstamp (https://www.bitstamp.net/) and one on RCL (https://charts.ripple.com/#/markets/XRP/USD:rvYAfWj5gh67oV6fW32ZzP3Aw4Eubs59B?interval=5m&range=1d&type=candlestick).

Then we have gateways that only uses RCL (GateHub for example).

Obligations to customers on a private exchange are not disclosed. You will never know how much money there is on Coinbase for example. RCL is different mostly because it's much more transparent. You can always check how much capitalization each gateway has and then compare the amount with the balances in cold storage (for crypto currencies at least).

Exchanges can easily run a fractional reserve and hide the fact they might got hacked (for example 10% of BTC might go missing and no one would know). That's not possible on RCL where everything is public.

Also because the markets on RCL are public, it's harder to manipulate them because everyone would notice.

In terms of transferring value gateways supports both IOU's and XRP while exchanges only supports XRP (with the exception of Bitstamp).


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