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New AD from Ripple


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So very few - right now - realize the transformative, and empowering potentials that RL's innovations are about to  deploy into the global financial system

There will be imitators, and other innovators as well

RL has a shot at someday becoming a trillion dollar company

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2 hours ago, elias said:


If XRP isn't there because of the SEC case, why is it OK for Ripple to keep selling XRP?

The product is aimed at businesses that may be unwilling to deal directly with XRP because of the case, so it makes sense not to spook them by including XRP in the ad.

Doesn't necessarily mean that Ripple can't use XRP in the background to make it all work.

Until the case is over, AFAIK it's not back and white whether XRP is "allowed" or not (in the US), it's up to businesses to make up their own mind whether to risk using it or not, based on their own use case.

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