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Thanks XRP Army


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What I would like is some gratitude to the XRP community who have continually shown the SECs hypocrisy, ethics violations, over reach, collusion, cover ups, blatant disregard for the law, revolving door policy, regulation by enforcement, disregard for investor protection, & finally potential corruption.

We have collectively shown (repeatedly) more evidence of the above against the SEC than any community in the SECs history. We warned in Dec 2020 of the SECs CLEAR intentions: "Buckle up they are coming for everything"... NO ONE LISTENED, NO ONE CARED, NO ONE DID A DAMN THING.. Oh, sorry, they did, they mocked this community whilst cheering on the SEC. Stupidity at its finest.

Now you are all fighting the good fight.. Good for you & its about time. But NEVER FORGET where most of the SECs problems started & the base of the information came from to start this swell against the SEC. It started because the SEC attacked this community & XRP, not because of Ripple, not because of Congress, not because of Coinbase & not because of US Chamber of Commerce. So take your "I’m glad consensus is building" and remember XRP holders have been running this marathon against the SEC for years, so don't pat yourselves on the back for starting at the finish line. END


Well said, I know I was doing my part, whilst the rest of you didn't send me any donations via my non existent Patreon service (that's a joke billy)

If you're reading this, then you deserve some praise, because you are part of the XRP army.

We are about to win :)

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