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🚨 SEC v Ripple: Brad's $200M Gamble to WIN 💰 Congress Crypto Hearing


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XRP Ripple news today:
► This week in Congress and crypto
► CEO of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse: “We’re Going To Win This Thing"
► Defending against SEC to cost Ripple $200M, CEO Brad Garlinghouse says


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Thanks for sharing the exciting news about the SEC v Ripple case and Brad Garlinghouse's optimistic statement. It's always interesting to follow the developments in the crypto world, especially when it involves prominent figures like Brad.
It seems that Brad Garlinghouse is confident about Ripple's chances of winning the case against the SEC. It's a bold move, and it shows that he's willing to invest a significant amount, around $200M, to defend Ripple's position.
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