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Why i cant take out or send my 10xrp in my wallet

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I would like to ask on hiw to send out to another wallet my remianing 10 xrp in my wallet. It says thta i p.need to keep it there for wallet activation and can no longer spend. How can it be? Please advice meScreenshot_20230419_170738_com_defi.wallet.thumb.jpg.ee29e1151c8439f6d00c1b400ee72bf9.jpg

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You can do an account delete transaction and recover some of the funds by burning a portion. I suggest just keeping the account so that you can accept XRP payments in the future without having to lock more XRP

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think of it like a one time gas fee . .  instead of paying $10 a transaction on eth,  you need to use 10xrp to get onto the network and then essentially no gas from there on out. 

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